Andy passed onto the rainbow bridge 9/08 .

 Many  wonderful dogs are proud to call him father/grandfather.  His prodigies are herding dogs, doing flyball, agility,  obedience, freestyle and most importantly, dedicated and loving companions for many people. He lives on through all of them.

Here is some information about his off spring provided by the people whose life they enrich everyday.

If you have Andy offspring you'd like to share, send info to Annie Palmer at


Dot at Pa. State Championship and qualifying for USBCHA nursery finals 1998

Dot is an Andy granddaughter out of Annie Palmer's Sea and Cheryl Jagger-Williams's Toby. She qualified for the USBCHA nursery finals in 1998, then qualified and ran in the USBCHA National Finals in 2010. She loves to work and is often seen at trails setting out or pushing out for the runs and especially enjoys helping with the farm work.



Mirk & Lass

are Dick's open dogs, you can see their pages by clicking on their name





Sam is a 2000 son of Andy, and has been my open trial dog for 6 years.  Sam is driven to work, has impeccable balance and incredible feel for his sheep.  He’s also very biddable, wants to please, and is a wonderful partner.   He was a delight to train and we’ve had 8 fun and successful years, starting with the 2002 Nursery Finals in TN, and on to become a consistent open placer.  He is also my awesome constant companion.





Breac is from one of Andy's early litters. She helps around the farm, knows how to "get the goats out" while  leaving the sheep in the barn, help put ewes in a pen with their lambs and is "usually" helpful. Her main job is personal psychiatrist to Mom. She has helped raise 2 boys and helped Mom get through both sons deploying to Iraq and Dad going to Afghanistan. It's not an easy job so if she gets a little silly or pulls the fluffy out of an old toy, it's allowed, so says mom Annie Palmer




is a 2006 son of Andy. He was purchased as a "trial dog hopeful". I had seen Mirk and I wanted another blue merle so when Terri told me she had 1 blue merle male available I took him. Dru has turned out to be a great dog, he qualified and ran in the Nursery at the Nationals in 2007 at 1 1/2 . He has been running in the open class since he was 1 1/2 placing twice at 1 1/2 . This year (2008) as a 2 yr old he has placed in 4 open trials, placing in both small fair trials and larger trials, qualifying for the NEBCA Fall Foliage trial which we were unable to attend. Dru isn't PERFECT YET, but is getting there! He is a wonderful loyal friend always with me wherever I go, that he has turned into a great working partner is an added bonus! He is always ready to work and is equally happy to relax. ------ Lynn Deschambeault



Sea working sheep at the Pa. State Championship

Sea is the first dog Annie Palmer has trained for trialing. She moved to open with Annie in 2008. She is also mother to Dot, who qualified for the USBCHA Nursery finals in 2008



"Piper is from the 2003 Andy/Maggie litter. He currently has earned 50 titles in 5 different venues including herding, agility, canine freestyle, obedience and rally. He earned the BCSA's Versatility Award for his efforts. Piper has been a wonderful addition to our family, not only because of his abilities as a performance competitior, but because of his sweet personality and loving temperament.

Thank you Cheryl, Andy and Maggie for our amazing Piper...

Piper is owned and loved by Jan & Bob Mayr, PA.



Jazz is training in agility and while we have had a few setbacks that interrupted our training and trialing, she is on track to be one of the best.


She has a wonderful temperament and drive and she simply "gets it".  We are training with Donna Rohaus who has helped me immensely with the handling of this wonderful girl.  She is a joy to live with and my other 2 Border Collie boys both adore her.  She has taught them many new games and she certainly is in charge.


Shebaa Rob

Shebaa Rob is an Andy grandson.  He was born in July 2005.  Rob started his trialing career this summer [2008] in the Pro Novice class.  This was his summer to become acquainted with trialing and trialing venues.  He competed in trials in Maine, VT, NY, PA and Canada often running quite well.  He loves to drive, reads his sheep well, and is a very stylish dog.  Rob is a great dog and I cannot imagine our household without him!  ---Fran Wheeler



Dan was Annie Palmer's Ranch dog for 2008. Dan  placed well during the 2007 season in pronovice then finished the year by helping with the 700 sheep used for the USBCHA finals in Gettysburg, PA. He liked working lots of woolies and thinks Katahdin sheep are silly things.  He is a sweet dog, loves to cuddle thinks he's a lap dog.

If you are keeping count, yes Annie Palmer has 3 Andy offspring and 1 granddaughter........(I know a good thing when I see it.............Annie)


Kelliwic Kildare


Dare was born in January 2005, and is a daughter of Andy and my Perky, who is by Walt Jagger's Imp. Celt. Dare and I have just begun trialing at the Novice/Novice level, and we had a great first season in 2008. We had some "learning experience" runs, and we had some very nice runs which made me so proud of her! All in all, we placed in every trial we entered, and we finished the season by placing Fourth Overall at the NEBCA Novice Finals! Dare is a wonderful, funny, loyal girl, and I treasure her. Thank you to Andy and Cheryl for this very special addition to my life.

Megan Quigley--Kelliwic Border Collies



I am an honorary member of the "Andy fan club" as I have three Andy kids and one Andy grandchild. All of them have trained in various competition venue's to include herding, that's our favorite!

Pictured from left to right is Tulley, my husbands devoted companion. Meg is the littermate to Dick Williams Mirk. Echo is a younger sibling to Mirk and Meg, a repeat breeding of my Deja and Andy. Wyn is Andy's granddaughter, her dam is Echo and her sire is Lynn Deschambeault's Imported Chip.

Thank you Cheryl and Andy for our beautiful family!

God speed our dear Andy, I bet there are lot's of sheep in heaven just for you!

Terri Florentino



Shebaa's Pride And Joy, AAD, ASA, AS, OA, OAJ, OF, FDCH-Gold
"Dandy" is an Andy grandson, born November 2006 (Meg x Token). At less than 2 years of age, he has earned multiple titles in Agility and Flyball. He is a very athletic and talented dog with a charming personality. Dandy has been on sheep a few times and showed promise; perhaps someday he'll have more opportunities to show us what he's got. Meanwhile, he is excelling in the highest levels of agility and flyball, and I could not be any prouder of him. He is extremely well-behaved in the house, and is a loving companion...he really is my Pride and Joy!
-Linda Husson





Here are some photos of Luke, a Christmas 2001 son of Andy and Maggie. Luke has done very well in agility earning numerous titles. He showed promise on sheep, but I have never been able to follow through on proper training for both of us. He's a wonderful dog, very quiet in the house but ready for agility, a mountain bike ride or skiing as soon as I give the word.


Thank you Andy.


Wayne Decker

Cuddebackville, NY





Seeker is an Andy grandson (Meg x Token) and is an absolute joy. he is showing us, at the age of 2, that he can keep up with his Uncle Piper as a performance dog. he has a great deal of talent on livestock as well as in the agility, obedience and freestyle rings. On top of it all, he is a dream to live with and is blossoming into all that we hoped he would be.

Seeker is owned and loved by Jan & Bob Mayr, PA.




Dot  X Andy


U-AG2 U-CD UKC/AKC CH Sharin’s Anna RE, CD, NA, NAJ , HSAs


Anna is my right hand girl for my small flock of Barb-Dorper crosses. She has inherited many of her herding talents from her sire, Andy. Several of local BC herding folks say she resembles her dad quite a bit both in appearance and working traits.  She has participated in agility, obedience, herding and conformation events. She is still working on additional titles at the age of 8. Most recently is tracking; we are hoping to certify before the Spring tracking tests roll around. Anna has an exceptional work ethic and is one of the most easy going and talented dogs on stock I have had the good fortune to own. She was only held back in the herding arena by my lack of time and expertise.  Anna and I salute Andy and all his accomplishments and those of his sons and daughters. 


With the greatest of admiration!


Sharon Bauer and Anna


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