Andy   DOB 8/1/95 ABC 66947

Hip Certification - Good
OFA # BCO-2504G31M
Eyes clear


The ultimate projection of  “pretty is as pretty does” and this pretty does. Not only is Andy handsome, he is of a stable temperament, friendly to all ages, intelligent, and  a great farm dog as well as a outstanding trial dog. He is physically strong, of good bone and size. He is very biddable. His has progeny  throughout the United States including Hawaii, and Canada. He has produced excellent agility, obedience, and herding dogs throughout, sound in both mind and body. He has been in the top twenty of the United States Border Collie Handler’s Association points tally each year for the past several years.

He has qualified for the national finals each year he ran in open.

His pedigree includes Templeton’s Roy, Davidson's Ben and Fortune’s Glen

Some of his accomplishments are: Winner of many major trials such as: Oatlands, Va.; C-54, Florida;  Overall Champion Renaisance Farm Ontario; Leatherstocking, NY; Overall champion Fosterfields, NJ; Overall champion Genesee,NY; Linden Hall Florida, etc. Top 10 bluegrass Classic, top six Kingston Ontario




  Andy ABC 66947 pedigree


Grand Sire/Dam

  GreatGrand Sire/Dam

GreatgreatGrand Sire/Dam

Max ABC 36368
Claudia Bates
Berryville, VA

 Imp. Moss ABC 4940
Charles L. Chaney
Utopia, Tx

Robbie ISDS 103968
C.J.Gordon, Wales

Robbie IDSD 38315
C Gordon, Swansea, Wales

Nell ISDS 65799
MR Page, Wales

 Imp. June ISDA 125009
Hubert, Bailey, GA

Glen IDSD 7563
R Fortune, Edinburgh, Scotland

Becky IDSD 95687
JR Thomas UK 

Imp. Mist ABC 16062
Charles L. Chaney
Utopia, Tx.

GB National Champion
Roy ISDS 114678
J.J.Templeton, AYRS, Scotland

Moss ISDS 103923
JJ Templeton, Scotland

Lass ISDS 92191
T Steveson, UK

Jan ISDS 128236
H.Fergusson, Scotland

GB National Champion
Ben ISDS 88284
S Davidson, Scotland

Meg ISDS 115134
AN Allen, McLeansboro, IL

Dot ABC 37853
James Reed
Iron City, TN

Mirk ABC 15910
Jerry W. Gann
Leighton, AL

Imp. Lad I-139419 ABC 8828
Russell Dake, Buellton, CA.

Moss ISDS 103923
JJ Templeton, Scotland

Dot ISDS 117976
D Johnson, Scotland

Skye ABC 8267
David Rogers, Perkinston, MA

Imp. Spot ABC 6204
Russell Drake

Kay ISDS 125012 ABC 6029
Al Zuppan

Lisa II AIBC 80743
Danny England, AL

Zack ABC 4752
Buddy Brackin, Town Creek, Al

 Shot II ABC 100
ED West, JR

 Sally ABC 2975
Willard Blankenship

Lady AIBC 52485
Ulon Palmer, AL

 Pepper AIBC 25192
JT Lindsey, Florence AL

Bonney AIBC 47465
Joe C. Stags, Florence, AL